On Virtuality

Issue Editors: Ilaria D'Angelo and Nicoletta Scapparone

Table of Contents


On Virtuality PDF
Ilaria D'Angelo, Nicoletta Scapparone


Being Almost There. Phenomenology meets street photography PDF
Knut Skjærven
Le virtuel et le transcendantal [The Virtual and the Transcendental] PDF
Elisa Bellato, István Fazakas
Phénoménologie de la virtualité [Phenomenology of Virtuality] PDF
Shin Nagai
Social Networks as Inauthentic Sociality PDF
Tanja Staehler
Deleuze and Phenomenology PDF
Stephan Guenzel
About Virtual Experience. Some questions PDF
Roberto Diodato
Die Inszenierung des Virtuellen. Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9 [The Enactment of the Virtual. Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9] PDF
Hans Rainer Sepp
Towards a Phenomenological Analysis of Virtual Fictions PDF
Nicholas de Warren
Oscar Wilde et le portrait surréel d’un désir invisible [Oscar Wilde and the Surreal Result of an Invisible Desire] PDF
Frank Pierobon
Storie, ipotesi, gradi di verità [Stories, Hypotheses, Truth-grades] PDF
Venanzio Raspa
Bullshit as the Absence of Truthfulness PDF
Michael Kelly

The Paths of Method

Categorial Pluralism. Naturalizing Phenomenology and Phenomenologizing Natural Science PDF
Elmar Holenstein

Reviews and Comments

Phenomenology and Non-Conceptual Content PDF
Corijn van Mazijk
Becoming "Better than Human"? PDF
Pierfrancesco Biasetti

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