Die Inszenierung des Virtuellen. Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9 [The Enactment of the Virtual. Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9]

Hans Rainer Sepp


This phenomenological analysis of the video installation Mariner 9 made by the Canadian artist Kelly Richardson in 2012 will gain a basic concept of the virtual. It will be realized by three preparing steps and a final conclusion. First, it will be shown in which way the experiencing of Richardson’s installation causes a break within the space-time-continuum of our worldly living. The second step develops how the interrupting, non-mediating force of this break of our horizontal experience keeps in a permanent relationship to the counterpart force of a mediating pretension of reality so that a reciprocal relation of breaking off and continual imagining prevails. The third step explains the function of the living human body as an orienting one, and the last step fixes the concept of the virtual. The virtual grows up here in the way that the alternation of reality pretension – supported by the imaginative conception of the installation as a whole – as well as of the bodily affection of threatening – resulting from the interruption of the space- time-continuum – provokes a specific experiencing of reality; this experience does not correlate with a real objectiveness but it is real in itself and has real moments.

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