Focus and Scope

Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy is an international journal founded by the Metodo-Association in 2010. Its aim is to promote the dialogue between phenomenological scholarship and other scientific and philosophical currents of thought. Its basic conviction concerns the interrelation between the urgency to adequately cope with experience and the need for a proper theoretical approach to philosophy.

The appeal to experience, even only to possible experience, as to the legitimating source of all sciences and theories grounds the method adopted by the association. The contributions to the journal are expected to further develop such methodological and theoretical insights.

In the articles to be submitted to the journal critical confrontation with the philosophical tradition should not be considered as an end in itself. Rather, this confrontation shall be always animated by the desire to show the relevance of the proposed theoretical discussion and to develop the potentialities of a given theory as a response to the contemporary quest for meaning.

Each issue of the journal is focused on a specific topic chosen by the editorial board. In addition, each issue of the journal includes a section entitled “The paths of Method”. This is intended to promote common reflection on the nature of method itself, where the latter is not understood either as procedure or as protocol. Finally, in each issue of the journal, a section is reserved for responses, comments and criticisms of articles published in previous issues. In this way Metodo aims to encourage and support a living philosophical and cultural debate.

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Section Policies


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Invited Articles

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The Paths of Method

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Reviews and Comments

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Peer Review Process

There are four evaluation options:
(a) the article is accepted without reservations;
(b) the article is accepted, but minor revisions concerning specific aspects are recommended;  
(c) the article is not accepted, but a major revision is encouraged;
(d) the article is not accepted.
In case (a), the referee is not required to formulate any comments. In case (b) and (c) the referee shall discuss the aspects that are in need of revision. In case (d) the referee shall justify his/her negative evaluation.
If both referees express the assessment (d), the article will not be published. In all the other cases, the final decision concerning the publication of an article will be made by the editorial  board.


Publication Frequency

The journal is published sixmonthly


Open Access Policy

This is an open-acces journal


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